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chameleon central: logo and product design

Two logos were custom illustrated for Chameleon Central, an online community dedicated to educating the public on chameleon health and husbandry. One design features a Panther chameleon and the other shows a Veiled chameleon. In addition to being used on their web presence, the logos are offered on a variety of ecommerce materials such as t-shirts and decals, where 100% of the profits will fund Chameleon rescue, rehabilitation,and rehoming efforts through a 501(c)(3) animal rescue.

The client requested the logo as a single color to maximize surfaces for printing, especially vinyl. For the typography, I positioned it so that the abbreviation “Cham” would also flow into the world “Central”, and of course mimicked the chameleon’s eye with the “O” in “Chameleon”. I also subtly repeated the abbreviation “CC” for “Chameleon Central” in the shape of both eyes, as well as the shape of the tail.

Additional options featuring custom gradients and photo overlays were also developed for CMYK printing and/or web use. Not only do these provide added visual interest to the design, but it also mimics the behavior of the subject, allowing the user to change the gradient to whatever colors they wish and swap the image backgrounds.

Chameleon Central USA

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Chameleon Central Tie Dye Shirt
Chameleon Central Decals
Chameleon Central Veiled Shirt
Cham Central Logo with Gradient Background
Cham Central Logo with Photo Background
Cham Central Logo with Gradient Background
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